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SCADA / DCS - ASI Technology
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition refers to a centralized system and this system is composed of various subsystems like Remote Telemetry Units, Human Machine Interface, Programmable Logic Controller or PLC and Communications.
Features of SCADA / DCS . . .
  Powerful SCRIPT
  Recipe Management
  Multi Levels of Security
  Alarms and Reports Management
  Extensive Data and Event Logging
  Real Time and Historical Trending
  Wizards for Screen Development
  Communication: One to one, Multi-Drop, Modem, Ethernet, TCP/IP
  Connectivity to EXCEL via DDE
  HTTP Web Server and Remote Data Access
  Excel Report Generator (Script Based)
  Advanced Component Library
  Open Data Based Connectivity (ODBC)
  OLE for Process Control (OPC Client)
  Open Data Based Connectivity (ODBC)
  Software and Hardware Lock Support
  Alarm notification through SMS & Email
  Control & Power Panel
  AC Drive
  DC Drive
  Temperature Controller
  Thyristor Power Controller
  Industrial Component
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