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Retro Fitting Jobs - ASI Technology
ASI specialize in custom industrial electrical retrofitting job that perform using latest and advance automation technology.
Retrofitting the electrical controls on a machine can save thousands of dollars over the cost of new equipment. Older control systems are often unreliable – costing thousands of dollars in down-time. Many times the components that fail have long lead times or in some cases are obsolete. Let ACS update your electrical controls! We can replace your antiquated relay logic control panel with a new state of the art PLC / HMI based control system. 

• Retrofitting gives the machine owner the reliability and ease of use of new equipment at fraction of the cost. 
• Spare parts are readily available and less expensive than antiquated components
• Modern HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology can store recipes and machine parameters – saving thousands of dollars in setup and changeover time
• The HMI can display alarm conditions – making troubleshooting a snap!
• Data Logging – Track machine downtime, parts/min, alarms, etc. 

All of our industrial control panels are fully wired and tested prior to delivery – minimizing start-up time. All retrofit solutions include updated electrical schematics and software code.

Consider ACS for your next automation and machine retrofit project!
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